Bearded Dragon Hides: Best Picks for Your Pet

bearded dragon hides

Bearded dragons are popular pet lizards known for their easy handling and hardiness. To provide the best care for these reptiles, it is important to choose the right hides for their comfort and security. Based on expert recommendations and research, we have compiled a list of the best bearded dragon hides and hide accessories available in the market.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bearded dragons require hides for comfort and security.
  • Choosing high-quality bearded dragon hides is essential for their well-being.
  • There are various hide options available for bearded dragons.
  • Investing in bearded dragon hide accessories can enhance their habitat.
  • Consider the safety and durability of hide accessories before purchasing them.

Best Terrarium for Bearded Dragons

When it comes to providing a comfortable and secure habitat for your bearded dragon, the right terrarium is essential. Our top pick for a bearded dragon terrarium is the Aqueon Standard Glass Aquarium Tank 75 Gallon.

Aqueon Standard Glass Aquarium Tank

This high-quality tank is designed with extra-clear glass, ensuring optimal visibility for both you and your pet. Not only does this make it easier to observe your bearded dragon’s behavior, but it also allows for easy cleaning, providing a hassle-free experience for pet owners.

The Aqueon Standard Glass Aquarium Tank offers ample space for an adult bearded dragon to thrive. It also features the option to divide the tank if needed, making it suitable for younger dragons as well.

While a larger enclosure allows for maximum exercise and enrichment, it is important to consider other factors such as temperature maintenance and the needs of your specific bearded dragon when selecting a terrarium size.

Providing a suitable reptile habitat is crucial for the overall well-being of your bearded dragon. The Aqueon Standard Glass Aquarium Tank offers the perfect combination of functionality and comfort, making it the ideal choice for bearded dragon owners.

Best Hide Accessories for Bearded Dragons

In addition to a terrarium, bearded dragons benefit from hide accessories that provide additional comfort and enrichment. These accessories create a sense of security for your pet and help them thrive in their enclosure. Here are some of the best hide accessories available:

Zoo Med Repti Hammock

The Zoo Med Repti Hammock is a popular choice among bearded dragon owners. It can be easily attached to the tank using suction cups and offers a cozy spot for bearded dragons to relax and bask. This hammock creates an elevated resting place, simulating their natural habitat. Made from durable materials, it ensures longevity and provides a safe hideout for your dragon to retreat to.

Barbs Custom Crafts Reptile Leash

If you want to take your bearded dragon for a walk or bring them outdoors, the Barbs Custom Crafts Reptile Leash is the perfect accessory. This leash is designed specifically for reptiles and provides a secure and comfortable way to handle your bearded dragon. The adjustable harness ensures a proper fit, while the lightweight design allows for easy movement. It’s important to remember that not all bearded dragons enjoy walks or have the temperament for it, so always monitor their behavior and comfort level.

When choosing hide accessories for your bearded dragon, consider their safety, durability, and suitability for your pet’s needs. Look for reputable brands and read reviews to ensure you’re getting high-quality products that will enhance your dragon’s habitat.

Hide Accessory Key Features
Zoo Med Repti Hammock Easy to attach, offers a cozy spot for relaxation
Barbs Custom Crafts Reptile Leash Secure and comfortable harness for outdoor activities

Investing in hide accessories not only adds aesthetic appeal to your bearded dragon’s habitat but also provides them with essential enrichment and a sense of security. Choose the right accessories that suit your dragon’s needs and watch them thrive in their comfortable hideaways.

bearded dragon hide accessories

Best Substrate and Food Accessories for Bearded Dragons

When it comes to creating a comfortable and healthy habitat for your bearded dragon, choosing the right substrate and food accessories is essential. Not only do these items contribute to the overall well-being of your pet, but they also play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and preventing digestive issues.

Bearded Dragon Substrate: Zilla Terrarium Liner

A high-quality substrate is vital for a bearded dragon’s habitat. The Zilla Terrarium Liner is a top recommendation due to its exceptional features. This substrate is treated with enzymes, effectively reducing odor and promoting a clean environment. Furthermore, it presents no risk of ingestion, ensuring the safety of your pet. By using the Zilla Terrarium Liner, you can provide a comfortable surface for your bearded dragon to walk on, while also simplifying the cleaning process.

Choosing the Right Substrate

Aside from the Zilla Terrarium Liner, there are other suitable substrates for bearded dragons. These options include:

  • Reptile carpeting: Provides a soft surface for your dragon while preventing accidental ingestion.
  • Paper towels: Convenient and easy to replace, making them ideal for young dragons or during the post-hatchling stage.
  • Newspaper: A cost-effective option that offers simplicity and can be discarded easily.

When selecting a substrate, prioritize materials that are safe, easy to clean, and promote your bearded dragon’s well-being.

Bearded Dragon Treats: Fluker’s Medley Treat for Bearded Dragons

While a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and live insects is crucial, treats can add variety and enrichment to your bearded dragon’s mealtime. Fluker’s Medley Treat for Bearded Dragons is a popular choice among reptile owners. This treat combines a variety of dried fruits, mealworms, and crickets, providing your pet with both a tasty snack and a source of additional nutrients.

Comparison of Bearded Dragon Substrates

Substrate Key Features Recommended For
Zilla Terrarium Liner Treated with enzymes to reduce odor
No ingestion risk
All bearded dragons
Reptile Carpeting Soft surface
Prevents ingestion
All bearded dragons
Paper Towels Convenient and easy to replace
Suitable for young dragons
Youth and post-hatchlings
Newspaper Cost-effective
Simple and disposable
All bearded dragons

Bearded Dragon Substrate

When it comes to substrate and food accessories for your bearded dragon, prioritizing their safety, comfort, and nutritional needs is crucial. By choosing the appropriate substrate and offering treats like Fluker’s Medley Treat for Bearded Dragons, you can create an ideal environment for your beloved pet. Remember, a well-maintained substrate and a balanced diet are key factors in keeping your bearded dragon healthy and happy.

Best Lighting and Nutrition Accessories for Bearded Dragons

Proper lighting and nutrition are crucial for the health of bearded dragons. The Zoo Med Reptile Terrarium Lamp is recommended as it provides the necessary 10 percent UVB rays for reptiles. Bearded dragons require UVB light to prevent health issues like metabolic bone disease.

Regular exposure to a bearded dragon UVB light helps them synthesize vitamin D3, which aids in the absorption of calcium. Without adequate UVB light, bearded dragons can develop calcium deficiencies and potentially suffer from metabolic bone disease.

Calcium supplements play a vital role in maintaining the overall health of bearded dragons. One such supplement is the Repashy Superfoods Calcium Plus Reptile Supplement. This calcium supplement is specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of reptiles, including bearded dragons.

It is essential to follow the recommended dosage instructions for both the terrarium lamp and calcium supplement to ensure optimum nutrition and health for your bearded dragon.

Here is a table comparing the key features of the Zoo Med Reptile Terrarium Lamp and the Repashy Superfoods Calcium Plus Reptile Supplement:

Product Zoo Med Reptile Terrarium Lamp Repashy Superfoods Calcium Plus Reptile Supplement
UVB Ray Percentage 10% N/A
Suitable for Bearded Dragons Yes Yes
Additional Nutrients N/A Vitamins and minerals
Dosage Recommendations Follow manufacturer’s instructions Follow manufacturer’s instructions

Remember to provide your bearded dragon with the appropriate UVB lighting and calcium supplementation to ensure their optimal growth, development, and overall well-being.


Understanding bearded dragon behaviors is crucial for providing optimal care and ensuring the well-being of these fascinating pets. By familiarizing themselves with common bearded dragon behaviors, owners can identify any potential health issues and take appropriate action.

Lethargy and stunted movements are common indicators of discomfort or illness in bearded dragons. If a dragon exhibits these behaviors, it is essential to consult a qualified veterinarian for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, diarrhea, panting, and vomiting can be signs of underlying health problems that require immediate attention.

Regular observation and attention to these behaviors allow owners to address any issues promptly. Proper understanding of bearded dragon behaviors coupled with professional veterinary guidance can help maintain the health and happiness of these remarkable creatures.


What are the best bearded dragon hides?

The best bearded dragon hides include options such as reptile hammocks, natural hides, and custom-made hide accessories. Some popular brands to consider are Zoo Med, Exo Terra, and Fluker’s.

What are the options for bearded dragon hides?

Bearded dragon hides come in various forms, including caves, logs, tunnels, and hammocks. These options provide a sense of security for your pet and help mimic their natural environment.

How do I choose high-quality bearded dragon hides?

To choose high-quality bearded dragon hides, look for durable materials, proper sizing for your dragon’s needs, and accessories that are easy to clean. It’s also important to consider the hide’s safety and suitability for bearded dragons.

Which brands offer the best bearded dragon hides?

Some popular bearded dragon hide brands include Zoo Med, Exo Terra, Fluker’s, and Carolina Custom Cages. These brands offer a wide range of hide accessories that are designed specifically for bearded dragons.

What are some tips for choosing bearded dragon hides?

When choosing bearded dragon hides, consider your pet’s size and behavior. Opt for hides that provide enough space for your dragon to comfortably enter and exit, and choose materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

Are there affordable options for bearded dragon hides?

Yes, there are affordable options for bearded dragon hides available in the market. These include DIY hide accessories, budget-friendly brands, and repurposed items that can serve as hides for your pet.

Can you recommend some bearded dragon hides?

Some highly recommended bearded dragon hides include the Zoo Med Repti Hammock, Exo Terra Reptile Cave, Fluker’s Large Critter Cavern, and Carolina Custom Cages Reptile Hide. These options provide both comfort and security for your bearded dragon.

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